360 60GB Bundle with 4 games and extra wireless controller – £166.00

60gbbundleComet have come up with a cracking 360 60gb bundle offer in time for Christmas as follows:

For a limited time only: you can get an Xbox 360 60GB with PGR 4, Sega Superstar Tennis, Kung Fu Panda, Lego Indiana Jones, and a wireless controller for just £166.00.

This is priced the same as their Xbox 360 60GB console on it’s own and is only £10 or so more expensive than the cheapest xbox 360 60gb currently available from Dixons.

More information here

Alternatively if those games don’t take your fancy then they also have more bundles on offer and i’m sure at these prices you will find one that is suitable at the right price.  This however is the best value option by far for the 60gb version and the most competitvely priced offer around on the internet since the previous Amazon one posted last week.

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