April Sale Prices On Xbox Live Marketplace

The below items are part of the April Xbox Live Marketplace sale which is on until the 7th.

They will be available for all xbox live members including silver.

– Age of Booty 400 points (usually 800)
– Defence Grid, 400 points (usually 800)
– Lumines LIVE, 400 points (usually 800)
– Mad Tracks, 400 points (usually 800)
– Rocket Riot, 400 points (usually 800)
– Schizoid, 400 points (usually 800)
– South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!, 400 points (usually 800)
– Super Street Fighter II HD, 560 points (usually 1200)
– Track & Field, 240 points (usually 400)
– Wallace & Gromit Episode 1, 400 points (usually 800)

Of the pick Luminues, Rocket Riot and Track & Field are worth purchasing if you do not already have them.

Any other recommendations feel free to comment below.

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