Cheap Xbox 360 Consoles

Below you will find the cheapest online prices for all Xbox 360 consoles. These prices include delivery and are after any discounts that may be available (shown in brackets next to each offer). Where more than one retailer is the cheapest we have shown each one as you may have a preference.

The price list below is based on the best console available for that particular retailer, this is usually the 500GB version of the Xbox 360 as this will usually represent best value for money for the average gamer. Given a lot of games and additional content is downloaded the smaller 4GB version of the Xbox 360 should only be considered by those wanting to play physical games or who are happy and comfortable with upgrading the hard drive themeselves.

Argos – £159.99 – Buy Now 250GB with Forza Horizons and Halo GOTY
Amazon – £189.00 – Buy Now 500GB with Fifa 15
Tesco – £189.00 – Buy Now 500GB with Fifa 15
Microsoft Store – £191.97 – Buy Now 500GB with bundle
Very – £199.00 – Buy Now 500GB with Fifa 15
Game – £199.99 – Buy Now 500GB with Fifa 15 and Minecraft

Xbox 360 Arcade 4GB Slimxbox 360 4gb

The new Xbox 360 4GB replaces the previous version of the arcade with a new slim design and 4GB hard drive. This version comes complete with controller, built in wi-fi and is Kinect ready. This version is quieter than the previous version and comes in a slim black design. It is also available in a 250GB version (see below).

Xbox 360 Elite 250GB Slimline:new-xbox-360-slim

The new slimline version of the Xbox 360 Elite with 250GB hard drive, slim design with built in wifi.
For Xbox 360 Kinect bundle offers click here.

For Xbox 360 Kinect bundle offers please see our Kinect bundles page.


Xbox 360 Arcadexbox 360 arcade console

The entry level and lowest price Xbox 360 console comes complete with Wireless Controller, 256MB Memory Unit and 5 Free Arcade Games. The arcade xbox 360 replaces the previous xbox 360 core with a very simlar specification.

This version is no longer available and has been replaced by the slim version Arcade above.


Xbox 360 Elite

xbox 360 elite console

The complete Xbox 360 experience. The Xbox 360 elite finished in black comes complete with 120GB hard drive wireless controller, headset and HDMI port.

This version is no longer available and has been replaced by the slim version Elite above.


Xbox 360 Super Elite

xbox 360 super elite console

The complete Xbox 360 experience. The Xbox 360 super elite like the standard elite is finished in black but comes with a larger 250GB hard drive. At the moment it is part of a bundle that also includes 2 Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers, an Xbox 360 Headset and a Standard Edition copy of Forza Motorsport 3, Modern Warfare 2 or Final Fantasy XIII depending on the version.


This version is no longer available, although a small amount of stock does appear online from time to time.


Preowned Xbox 360:
You can pick up a bargain with a preowned Xbox 360. Retailers such as Game sell preowned consoles with a 1 year guarantee which is great for piece of mind. Otherwise eBay can be a great place to pick up a preowned console often complete with additional games and accessories.

Ebay – £various – Buy Now

For the latest offers on cheap xbox 360 console bundles visit the console offers section of the site which often work out cheaper than buying the console on its own.

    27 thoughts on “Cheap Xbox 360 Consoles

    1. “No idea why the Play Premium version above is cheaper with additional games bundle than on it’s own??”

      This version does not have the HDMI port.

    2. Does any one know if you can just buy the console without any hard drive controllers etc. My x box has started to scratch games but everything else works fine!

    3. Hi Will

      Not new I don’t think so anyway. I would consider buying a preowned arcade (cheapest) from game (12 months warranty) and selling the bits you no longer need on ebay.

    4. Thankyou so much for showing me where to get the cheapest new xbox 360 from. I usually just go to Game or Game Station but they have none in stock, so glad though, as you saved me a few pounds. Going to have one happy son christmas morning, thankyou thankyou thankyou xx

    5. Cheers guys you just saved me a few quid. I was going to buy an X box 360 from Game with Fifa 11 but got it cheaper from Amazon thanks to you!

    6. Hey, the xbox 360 4gb and 250gb on amazon have been unavaliable for a few days now. I fear that it may be unavaliable for christmas.
      Do you know when it will be back in stock?

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