Rockstar Move To Ban Red Dead Cheats

Rockstar the makers of the popular Red Dead Redemption are taking the first steps today 24th August 2010 to bad online cheaters following the press release issued last week.

Online cheaters on both PS3 and Xbox 360 could be banned although they are offering amnesty for those who have cheated. The ban will affect those that have installed or modified save files to increase their xp / game score as Rockstar have announced that they are able to identify those who have hacked save files for the game in one way or another.

Many online gamers will see this as a positive move and some even hoping that other developers will follow suit in due course will online hacking affecting many other games including the hugely popular Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series of games.

Further information from the press release as follows:

Some notes to be aware of:

* This will not apply to those people who simply took advantage of temporary exploits to rapidly grind up XP a few weeks ago. We are able to tell who actually hacked their save to have impossible scores.

* Banned hackers will also be removed from the leaderboards.

* To be spared, any hacked saves that you have will need to be deleted – single player as well as multiplayer. You should be aware that everything is wiped when deleting saves. These are the only exceptions:

– Players would keep any Achievements/Trophies they had already earned.
– All preorder items tied to their accounts would be unlocked for them upon signing in and creating a new save while connected to Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network
– Any cheats earned through Social Club would be unlocked for them upon signing in and creating a new save while connected to Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network

* After deleting your hacked game save(s), you will then need to go online with Red Dead Redemption (prior to August 24th) for it to register that you’re now playing clean. For single-player saves, you will need to re-play the game while connected until you gain access to the safehouse at MacFarlane’s ranch. For multiplayer saves, you will need to play one full game online or do one Gang Hideout.

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