Xbox 360 Arcade with 2 Controllers and 3 Games – £109.97

** EDIT Amazon have dropped the price of the arcade to £109.97 however they have removed the bundle on offer since posting. You can still get the wireless entertainment pack which includes an extra controller and two games with the arcade for £129.97 **

Amazon have dropped the price of the xbox 360 arcade to £109.97 to compete with Game, however the Amazon deal includes an extra controller and three games if you select the wireless entertainment pack with this bundle deal.

This is the cheapest price for the arcade since Christmas and will take a lot to beat given the games you get included in this bundle.

Take this as an example of the value you get (extracted from the checkout stage when items were added to the basket):
Items: £213.82
Postage & Packing: £0.00
Total: £213.82
Promotion Applied: -£103.85
Order Total: £109.97

xbox 360 arcade console

Thats over £200 worth of games and console for just over £100 and nearly 50% off which is an amazing price.

Break it down as follows and this offer is by far the best around at the moment:

£20 for a controller
£5-£10 for Pure and Lego Batman
£20-£30 for Fifa 10
An Xbox 360 Arcade Console for around the £60 mark is a real bargain whichever way you look at it!

    2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Arcade with 2 Controllers and 3 Games – £109.97

    1. I’ve checked the amazon deal…its not for £109…the cheapest i’ve found so far is for £120 just the console…nextday delivery though. Damn my xbox for bringing up 2 red lights and overheating!

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