12 Month Xbox Live And Free Game £31.99 Via Xbox Dashboard

xbox-liveIf your new to Xbox Live or perhaps your Gold subscription has run out then this is a great deal.

12 month subscription to Xbox Live with a free game from the following selection:

Kinect Sports
Fable 3
Halo Reach

This offer appears on the dashboard and seems to only be available to silver members. Usual price for buying a 12 month subscription online is around the £28-£29 mark so given you get a free game this is a great bargain deal.

Don’t want any of the games listed then sell it on eBay and buy another or keep the cash and get a massive discount on Xbox Live Gold.

Only real drawback is that the terms and conditions say you need to wait a week after subscribing to receive an email with redemption instructions for game of choice. You will then receive the game between 8 to 10 weeks via post.

If you find a better deal or in fact any deal that you feel should be on 360bargains.co.uk then please do get in touch by adding a comment below.  Or visit our xbox 360 forum and add the offer there.

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    3 thoughts on “12 Month Xbox Live And Free Game £31.99 Via Xbox Dashboard

    1. Hi, the xbox live offer via dash with game and 20% discount, do you have to be in UK? I tried support at LIVE but nobody can tell me. I’m in south africa and currently on LIVE silver and my address is a fake UK address because a year ago we did not have LIVE in this country so everyone set up UK accounts

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