360 Elite price drop on the way?

360 Elite price drop on the way in the UK in time for Christmas?

Rumours are circulating that Microsoft are planning to reduce the price of the top of the range 360 in the UK if the news over in the US is anything to go by.

The current cheapest price of the Elite is around £210 as has been for the past 6 months or so since the last reduction in price around the Christmas period in 2008, but rumours are that the price could drop to around the £180 mark allowing it compete directly with the likes of the Nintendo Wii and saving us UK consumers around £30 on current prices.  Whether this rumour become reality remains to be seen but nether the less the news would be great for Xbox 360 sales around the Christmas period.

Once we here any more news then we will be sure to update you on things.  Feel free to comment below if you here anything on the subject or in fact anything Xbox 360 related as we are keen to here any news our readers may have 360 related.

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