8 things you may not know that your xbox 360 can do

Below are 8 things that you may not know about your xbox 360 and what it can do, other than play games, movies etc.

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1. How to reset your xbox 360 video settings.

A tip for those that may be in the habit of taking your 360 round your mates house only to find that once it is hooked up to the tv you cannot get onto the dashboard due to the display settings, this may also be useful if you have more than one tv in the house or have just purchased a new tv for your xbox 360 and cannot get it to work correctly.

Remove any discs from the console and turn it off, turn it on with the controller and while it is starting hold the Y button down, then hold the right trigger button.  The video settings will then reset to default allowing you to set them up again for that particular tv.

2. Connecting your Xbox 360 to two screens at the same time.

Another display type tip, this time a trick to allow you 360 to be connected to more than one screen at the same time.  We dont know when this will be of any use as the display is the same on each screen so its not as if you are getting a true split screen setup, but anyway.
You will need a compenent cable (the one that comes with most xbox 360’s).  Change the setting to standard def and put the yellow cable into one screen and the other red, blue and green cables into the other one (the main tv you will be using).

3. Tell everyone online what you are doing automatically.

Your 360 can have its very own blog, or even twitter account if you are into those sort of things.  Join a service such as 360voice.com or this xbox 360 app for twitter and you 360 can tell the whole world what you are up to by generating entries all on its own.

4. Play your music as a soundtrack on xbox games.

You probably already know that you can do this on standard 360 games but on original xbox games it is not possible as such, until now that is.  Start your mp3s / music before loading the game and then start the game and it should continue when the game starts.  Please note however that the game soundtrack will also play so unless you can mute this in the game options it may not be the best thing to do.

5. Clear your xbox 360 cache.

Should you need to clear the cache on your xbox 360 for whatever reason you can do it by carrying out the following:
Go to the system setting area of the dashboard, select memory, then HD, the press the Y button.  Next press, X, X, Left bumper, Right bumper, X and last of all X (those of us old enough will think this sounds like some sort of cheat for sonic on the megadrive or something!).  You should get a message which confirms the process is complete.
Warning this will delete any game patches also so use with caution.

6. Play your xbox 360 online without a live account / gold subscription.

For many one of the most annoying things about the xbox 360 is the need to pay a yearly subscription to play online, whilst on the PS3 etc. you can play online for free. Well you can now play for free without the need to buy a 12 month gold subscription by downloading XLink Kai (http://www.teamxlink.co.uk), a free application you run from your PC on the same network as the console.  This tricks the xbox 360 into thinking the internet is a LAN instead.

7. Connecting your xbox 360 wirelessly without a network adapter.

This is more of a work around than anything as you will still need a laptop as this will act as a bridge over your wireless network.
Complete the following: Click on control panel, network connections / network sharing, select LAN and wireless network connection then right-click and press bridge connections.  Disconnect and then reconnect, plug an ethernet cable into your xbox 360 from your laptop and it should work.

8. Play your ipod through your Xbox 360.

As you may have expected Microsoft dont shout on the rooftops that the 360 will work with a rivals product, i’m sure they would prefer users to go out and buy a Zune.  However sign into xbox live marketplace and search for a download called optional ipod support.  once you have done that your ipod will work via the media area of the xbox dashboard.  It will also charge the ipod via the USB port which is handy.

If you know of any more handy tricks for your 360 then please add them below and tell the whole world about them.

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