Amazon now offer a trade in service for your old games

Amazon trade in service

For those that have yet to notice Amazon have launched a new service in the UK that allows you to trade in your unwanted Xbox 360 games and accessories in a move that will compete with similar services offered by highstreet retailers such as Game.

More on this service can be found on the Amazon website here.

The service links in with your existing Amazon account with the added benefit that you do not need to visit a store to make a trade in.

How does it work?


The process is very easy, simply search the tool on the site for the trade in value (not all games are accepted), download a free post address label from the site and send your unwanted games and accessories to them in the post.

Payment is made in the form of an Amazon gift voucher that is added to your account which can then be used against future purchases on the site.

Games need to be in good condition with the box and manual in order to be accepted but this service offers an alternative to the likes of eBay and would be worth checking out the next time you are looking to sell or trade in your old games so that you can compare and get the best price for your unwanted xbox 360 games.

How does it compare?

A quick search for a popular game at the moment such as Call of Duty Black Ops shows that Amazon will give you £29.99 trade in value (at the time of writing) which seems reasonable and ideal for those that wish to avoid the more involved process of selling on eBay or visiting a store. However anyone wanting to get more money for their items should look at the other options available as the same game on eBay is selling for around £34 at the moment although taking into account Paypal and eBay fees the £29.99 trade in value seems like a fair price.


Above all a useful service and one worth considering as it seems to offer decent value on trade in’s plus the added convenience and flexibility that you do not get with the other options. It may also help to increase the competition in this area especially with the likes of Asda who have also started to offer the service, maybe we will see better prices being offered by the high street stores for trade in’s and pre-owned games?

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