Assassins Creed – Brotherhood Review

assassins creed brotherhood review

Assassins Creed – Brotherhood Xbox 360 Review

By Nikki Wilkins

The Xbox 360 game I am doing is one of the popular game by EA (electronic arts) which is need for speed hot pursuit.

Assassins Creed – Brotherhood is the third and greatest game of the series to date. The game features exciting violent action scenes and fast paced free running, which is enough to capture the attention of anyone playing the game. Multiple styles of fighting allow the player to customize their own unique way of playing. The age certificate is an 18 due to violence and a range of obscene features.

Graphics – 9/10

The graphics will never fail to amaze anyone. With the superior detail and it’s almost frightening realism, it is a feature which is almost flawless.

Audio – 8/10

Firstly the culture fitting soundtrack to the game prepares you for an adrenaline rushing adventure through the cities of Rome. The in-game sound effects are as realistic as the graphics which come with them. The noise of weather and city movement is an accurate representation of a real life setting.

Gameplay – 8/10

With the graphics and audio being near perfect, it combines to make a brilliant all round game. There is 40 hours of single player gameplay which is a good length to the story mode. This edition features the first addition of multiplayer which makes for a more enjoyable experience as you can battle through the levels with your friends.

Controls – 7/10

The controls are simple and easy to get to grips with even if it is the first time playing the game. The controls had not changed since the last editions of Assassins Creed yet it may have been nice to have had new actions and controls for this edition.

Value / Replay Value 8/10

The game is captivating enough to keep anyone interested for hours with it’s variety of in game qualities which makes it the brilliant game that it is.

Overall – 8.0

Assassins Creed Brotherhood on Xbox 360 is available to buy from Amazon.

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