Band Hero With Instruments with GAME Exclusive Downloadable Content Xbox 360 £44.98

The third and final deal to feature today on 360bargains is Band Hero complete with all instruments you will need (guitar, drum kit and microphone), this takes the likes of Singstar, Lips and Guitar Hero to another level and allows all your friends and family to get involved.

band hero xbox 360 with instruments

Available on the site here this exclusive version with Game downloadable content (more in this below) is advertised for just £49.98, but by simply adding the discount code ‘MVC2010’ at the checkout stage you can get this bundle complete with all the instruments you need for just £49.98.

The exclusive downloadable content available with this purchase from includes 2 FREE in game tracks: The Killers “Mr Brightside” & Pink “So What”!

Chart Attack
Another week, another rhythm action game. Or at least that’s how it feels. This one, in case the title is confusing you, is actually from the makers of the ‘Hero’ franchise, not the ‘Band’ franchise. The same people, in fact, who only recently released Guitar Hero 5, a game that also featured the option to play as a whole band complete with guitarists, a drummer and a vocalist; not just a lead guitarist. Confusing, isn’t it?

Band Hero is, presumably, a proper response to EA’s Rock Band series of games. Sure, Guitar Hero 5 introduced full band features to Activision’s series, but this is where the franchise is steered away from its rock roots and points towards a future of more eclectic spinoffs.

Pop Till You Drop
You see, while it would be easy to dismiss this as simply Guitar Hero 5 with a new track list (which it is, in terms of its gameplay features) it also represents a pop-based alternative to Guitar Hero’s previous staple of relatively heavy rock songs. Those who felt the lighter side of popular music was ill served by the previous games are going to love this new development.

Those who felt the lighter side of popular music was ill-served by the previous games are going to love this new development. As far as the gameplay goes it’s (mostly) business as usual. Whether you’re playing lead guitar, bass, drums or vocals, you have to match your rhythmic actions to the those presented on the screen. Keep to the beat and fame and fortune awaits. Cock it all up and you’ll be booed off the stage. In keeping with recent developments in the genre, you can opt to play any or all of the instruments on offer and indeed the options are so flexible you can even play with four drummers if you so desire. So far, so predictable.

Thank You For The Music
Music-wise though, Band Hero is a whole different kettle of fish. The track listing is, depending on your point of view, either amazing or awful. We’d go for amazing and it certainly spans an interestingly diverse range of tastes. Duran Duran’s Rio and David Bowie’s Let’s Dance magnificently headline the game’s 80s line-up, there’s a bit of disco from Village People, while more up to date acts include Maroon 5, Lily Allen, Fall Out Boy and Snow Patrol. There’s also plenty of guitar based stuff there to placate any rockers panicked by the game’s new direction. And that’s just the console version.

There’s also plenty of guitar based stuff there to placate any rockers panicked by the game’s new direction. There are also a few new gameplay features in here to keep us happy until the franchise get its next major retooling. Now it’s easier than ever for experts and novices to play alongside one another and players can even join, drop out or change their settings at any time without jeopardising the jam session. Playing online opens up several play modes including Pro Face-off, Elimination and Perfectionist. In addition, vocal fans can try out the karaoke mode, in which they can simply sing along to songs rather than worrying about hitting the right notes or scoring well.

Wii and DS owners are particularly well served by Band Hero. The Wii version includes additional play modes exclusive to the console and the ability to incororate their Miis into the fun. DS owners, as well as simply playing the game on their handheld can also wirelessly link up with the Wii version in order to either manipulate the set-list while others jam out, or take part in a fun Roadie mode. This involves DS players controlling on screen roadies who can tamper with an opponent’s equipment while they’re playing the Wii game.

Band Hero may not take the genre anywhere new, but it certainly adds a lighter poppier option for those exhausted by the relentless heavy rocking of previous games and also provides enough little tweaks to keep exisating fans happy too.

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