Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review

battlefield bad company 2 xbox 360

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xbox 360

By Curtis Taylor

Average rating (out of 10): 8.4

Graphics- Solid 10/10

Graphical, the Battlefield games have always been incredibly realistic and stunning, Bad Company 2 is by far no exception- with its amazing scenery and utilising the Frostbite engine which often makes you stop and wonder at how far technology in video games have came since the early console games. The main selling point of BFBC2 has got to be the destructible environments- they are truly breath taking, you can go from shooting a hole in a wall for cover to destroying a huge building and witness the dust and slabs of rock hit the ground. If you want impressive visuals that will often make you side track from the objective to explore and destroy- Battlefield is definitely for you.

Audio- brilliant 10/10

Battlefield uses Dolby Digital along with Frostbites HD Audio to pack superb sound quality that make the game feel so much more realistic- combine the audios with the graphics and its a perfect combination. Even if you play the game using your normal TV speakers it will still sound fantastic but to experience the real experience I would strongly recommend using Turtlebeach Earforce or a surround sound system- you will constantly jump when an enemy shoots at you or if you’re playing multiplayer and an opposing player tries to knife you. The guys at DICE and EA sure know how to make you feel like you’re in the game.

Gameplay- a strong 8/10

The gameplay in Battlefield Bad Company 2 is great although it feels very slow and sluggish at times, if you’re used to playing fast paced arcade shooters such as Call of Duty and Halo then Battlefield will take time to get used to. Whilst BFBC2 is a first-person shooter one of the main attractions has got to be the vehicles, there is a vast array of them at your disposable including tanks, ATV’s and helicopters. The player in Battlefield is given plenty of real world weapons to use ranging from Assault Rifles to Snipers, each have there own advantages and disadvantages. Unlike older Battlefield games, BFCB2 uses regenerating health like most other first person shooters. Gameplay wise, Battlefield is again- incredible.

Controls- 7/10

The controls on Battlefield Bad Company 2 are a lot different to most first person shooters therefore will take plenty of time to master, for example RB is to knife whilst on most other first-person shooters RB is used to throw grenades. The controls also feel very sluggish and slow as the sensitivity can not be changed much which for people used to fast paced shooters will take time to get used to, this is why the controls has got a low score compared to graphics, audio and gameplay. But the controls are what make Battlefield so unique and different, it has looked at the controls of the other First person shooters and thought- screw that, lets be different! This is exactly what the video game industry needs!

Value / Replay Value- 7/10

One of the main things i was disappointed in with this game has got to be the length of the single player, it takes maybe a few hours to complete on the hardest difficulty if you’re an average gamer, the multiplayer is also disappointing as it takes very long to rank up once you hit the higher levels. Overall though, the game itself is truly incredible and is a credit to the video game industry! I would defiantly recommend picking this up- make sure you buy it brand new or you will not get access to maps which are included with the V.I.P Code.

Extras: Multiplayer

I personally thought the multiplayer needed a section for itself, it is a great experience when playing with 3 friends as a squad (Multiplayer itself is 12v12 but each team can be divided into 3 squads of 4, this allows you to spawn on your team mates), it allows you to pretend you’re in the armed forces and can use all the lingo to explain where the objective is or a mean of attacking the enemy. The multiplayer is divided into 4 game modes- Rush (Destroy/defend the objectives), Squad Rush (similar to Rush but 4v4), Conquest (Capturing flags located around the map) and finally Squad Deathmatch (4 Squads fighting each other to a set number of kills). Additionally there is Onslaught mode which is bought from the Xbox Live Market for 800 microsoft points, this is a survival game type for up to 4 players. Finally- the multiplayer is class based (Assault, Medic, Engineer, Recon) each class has advantages in order make sure your team stays alive, has enough ammunition, air support and to make sure your vehicles stay alive.


A breath of fresh air to the first person shooter market.

Battlefield is available to buy from Amazon.

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