Black Ops In-Store Launch Day Offers Roundup

sainsburys1As shown with many of the previous highly anticipated games the past couple of years console games are becoming big business and a chance for the supermarkets and other none game retailers to jump on the bandwagon and sell to gamers competing with the online and highstreet stores.

This is great news for us gamers as it often means price wars and a chance for one of the big supermarkets to but their buying power into practice and keep prices competitive. This was seen recently when games such as Halo and Fifa 11 were released when many of the large supermarkets opened up their doors at midnight to join in with the fun.

The time has come around again this time with Call of Duty Black Ops, so to help those that have not put in a pre-order for what is tipped to be the biggest selling game of the year if not all time we have provided a roundup of each stores offers and prices in one place (xbox 360 specific), perfect for those tempted to brave the masses, chance thier look and face the cold to get thier hands on this highly anticipated game.

Price: £27.97 when spending £30 or more in store (otherwise £37.97): click here for more info.

Price: £25.00 when buying either xbox live points or 3 months gold subscription (otherwise £39.90): click here for more info.

Price: £29.99 when purchased with any other chart game (otherwise £39.99).

Best Buy
Price: £29.99 on launch day only provided you can get to a store, stock is expected to be limited.

Price: £7.99 when trading in Medal Of Honour – click here for more info.

Price: £24.99 when purchased with select chart titles such as Fallout: New Vegas, Halo: Reach, Red Dead Redemption and DJ Hero 2 – totals £64.98 for the two games (otherwise £44.99 on its own): click here for more info.

For those prepared to wait for delivery then Amazon have a launch price of £36.97 currently the cheapest price online at the time of writing.

If you do happen to come across a better deal or in fact any deal that you feel we should feature on the site then please do get in touch by adding a comment below.  Or why not visit our xbox 360 forum.

    2 thoughts on “Black Ops In-Store Launch Day Offers Roundup

    1. You missed one guys. My mate and I went to the midnight launch at Asda and Black Ops was £36.97 but no additional purchases necessary. Was only 1 copy per platform, per customer, but still… although not the cheapest copy of the game in the shops, it’s the best value. ie. you’ll be paying out less cash at the till.

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