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blur xbox 360

Blur on Xbox 360 is just £17.99 at HMV at the moment which is a good price for a game released just a few months ago.

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Released 28th May 2010.

Pretty decent reviews if you take a look at Amazon with an average of 4.5/5.0.  A quote from one review reads:

The gameplay is pure addictive fun that you’ll want to keep coming back to for more. The game has a single player career mode that’ll provide you with many challanges and rival races. By winning races, you’ll gain fans that will unlock new cars and also new mods to your cars when you level up. You can even send challanges to your friends to see if they can beat the race you just won. The best part of the game comes in the local and online multiplayer modes. You can race up to 4 players locally and up to 20 players online in diffrent modes like normal racing and battle modes. You can even share your best races with friends over Xbox Live, or with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This game is brilliant for bringing friends together.

Metacritic also scores Blur well with 82 out of 100 based on 78 critics.

Blur gameplay video


Blur – game description

Blur is the ultimate powered-up racing experience, dropping players into heart-pumping, electrified action with multiple cars trading paint as they charge towards the finish line. Drivers careen through real-world track locations packed with fast curves, sneaky alternate routes and hair-raising jumps in over 50 licensed cars as they collect intense Power-ups, including the ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy, boost their speed, and more.

The game’s story unfolds through Bizarre Creations’ unique and innovative community-based interface, enabling players to build a network of allies, rivals, fans and personalized racing experiences with friends both inside and outside the game. Blur delivers a new style of powered-up racing experience for all gamers.

Key Features:

Power-ups that Shock Your Socks off – Drivers will collect and use addictive and intense Power-ups throughout each race, including the ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy, boost speed with Nitros, drop mines and even generate defensive shields to fend off other racers. Players can use each Power-up independently on the fly, or stack three of the same and combo them strategically to multiply the effect on the competition.

Racing for All Gamers – Blur moves beyond traditional racers by taking genre staples, including licensed cars, photo-realistic graphics and real-world locations and combining them with gameplay designed completely to focus on ‘fun’, featuring intuitive pick-up-and-play controls, a unique and innovative social network style user interface, intense Power-ups, and races where players are always in the pack challenging for the lead from beginning to end. Blur is for all types of gamers, regardless of experience or skill level.

Social Network Interface – Blur’s new, innovative social network user interface is designed to evolve dynamically as players compete in different races, make new friends, rivals and fans, and connect with other racers both in game and in real life. Gamers interact with one another through messaging, trading opinions, challenges and images, and learn what’s going on in the Blur world, including locating where and when the next big races are happening, rallying their fans for support, and taking up challenges designed to suit their favorite racing style.

It Wouldn’t Be Racing Without Multiplayer – Blur offers gamers a new kind of racing experience that allows them to race with friends and as part of a network of players in high intensity competition and fun. The game supports competitive and cooperative gameplay, including team and objective based race events, and also features 4 player split-screen for playing with friends from the comfort of the couch. Blur also introduces Custom Groups – where anyone can create unique multiplayer modes based on their favorite ways to play the game. These new modes are then shared through Blur’s social network, expanding the game in ways only limited by the gaming community’s creativity.

Real-World Cars and Locations – Blur features over 50 licensed cars to drive as players race through visually stunning tracks set in real-world locations ranging from L.A. and San Francisco to the streets of Hackney, UK, to the treacherous roads of Barcelona and all the way to Japan. As players progress through the game’s story, they’ll be able to unlock and purchase multiple versions of the cars, each paying homage to different racing cultures, including Rat, Drift, Smooth and Tuner, and each with their own specific performance pros and cons.

Cinematic Destruction Meets Photo-Realism – CAUTION! – Racers may experience insane collisions featuring loads of damage and destruction, with panels crumpling on photo-realistic cars as they flip and roll down the track.


Blur: Survival Guide:

Shut – The Shunt is your main forward-firing projectile. It is big, slow and insanely powerful. Don’t let it’s speed put you off using the Shunt though – it also has homing capability! The greatest Blur drivers will use this to their advantage, and zero in with deadly accuracy on their opponents. But what if you’re already in 1st place? Worry not – the Shunt can be fired ‘Backwards’ as well. Just hold down on your thumbstick as you fire. Make sure to line up your shot first! The Shunt loses it’s homing capability when fired backwards.
Barge – If you need maximum power in a small space, then Barge is for you. When fired this power-up releases an energy burst around your car, decimating anybody unlucky enough to be caught in the blast! The most professional Blur racers will keep the Barge in one of their two reserve Power-up slots until the time is right. Use the cycle Power-up slots until the time right. Use the cycle Power-up button to save Barge, and unleash it when you’re heading into a crowded hairpin corner. It can also defend against Shunts, Blots, and Mines. Activate your Barge at just the right moment to avoid taking damage!
Mine – One of the most versatile power-ups in Blur, the Mine can be used in many situations. Drop it on the track to lay a trap for racers behind you, or use your rear-view mirror to line yourself up with trailing opponents. When they’re right on you’re back bumper, unleash a Mine to spin them out! Also, if you hold up on the thumbstick when dropping the Mine it will fire forwards. Snipe racers in front of you! Finally, you can use the Mine as defence against Shunts and Blots. Listen for their characteristic sound effect, and drop your mine in its path to explode the attack prematurely! Keep watching your mirrors!
Shock – Stuck at the back of the pack? If so, then Shock might come in handy. Using this Power-up launches three deadly balls of energy at whoever is in 1st place! The energy balls remain on-track for a few seconds, providing a dangerous obstacle for those out in front. Practice your steering! Skillfull drivers can weave through the shock domes without taking damage… If you’re in first, use a Shock in combination with a Shield to wreck havoc on the crowd behind you.
Nitro – Does what it says on the tin. The Nitro unleashes a blast of speed which, when used correctly, could propel your car right to the front of the pack! That’s not all though. Holding down on the thumbstick whilst firing the Nitro will activate an air-brake, temporarily slowing you down to a crawl. Whilst in this slowed state your steering is enhanced, allowing you to point your car in the right direction before the super boost kicks in! Blur experts will use the air-brake in hairpins, negating the need to brake manually on approach.
Bolt – Bolt is a triple skill shot. Picking up this Power-up gives you Three super high-speed projectiles to fire. Either tap the button three times in quick succession to unleash all Blots at an unsuspecting opponent, or save them for defence against incoming Power-ups. Blots are also great finishing off opponents with low health! It takes two Blots to destroy a Mine. You can also use two Bolts to destroy a Shunt – just hold back on your thumbstick to shoot them backwards.
Shield – If you know your stuff, you’ll always have a shield saved in one of your reserve Power-up Slots. Activating this power-up makes your car impervious to damage for a short amount of time. It doesn’t last forever, so make sure you use it at exactly the right moment! Quickly switching to your Shield and activating it before that Shunt homes in on you is one of Blur’s more advanced tactics. Quick fingers will be rewarded! Shields can also be upgraded by using mods – i.e. get more health when you are hit, or absorb your Power-ups…
Repair – What do you do when your car is damaged and about to blow? Ask any veteran Blur driver, and they’ll tell you to take it easy and head for the nearest Repair. The more skilled drivers will keep a repair in their reserve slots, just in case they hit though times. Of course it’s not the end of the world if your car does go boom – you’ll respawn on track a-ok. It will lose you some time though, so it’s a good idea to keep a Repair Power-up on hand just in case. Keep an eye out for your car health (in your rear view mirror), smoke, and panel damage to see if you’re in need.

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