Burnout Paradise Now Just £22.99 With Free Delivery

burnout paradisePriced at just £22.99 Burnout Paradise on xbox 360 is a must purchase for any fans of the Burnout series.  One of my favourite games at the moment i just hope i can finish it before the release of grand theft auto iv.

For those not familiar with Burnout Paradise you start the game in a fairly basic beaten up car in which you have free roam of paradise city (cue Gun’s N Roses soundtrack) where you can drive around performing various stunts using the interactive scenery.  Building up to a better car is easy and can be done a couple of ways:

1. Every now and again another car will size up to you and if you can take them out you will add that vehicle to your collection.

2. Perform in a variety of challenges from stunt runs (collecting points for performing stunts to beat a total) to races against similar vehicles to other areas of the city (free to choose your own route). 

What i really like about this game is the pick up and play factor, if i have a spare 10 minutes i can turn on my 360 and have a drive round the city completing one of the many side missions of the game.

All in all a very good game with great graphics that requires plenty of time to fully complete the game, and i haven’t even covered all the other added extra’s in the game.  Guess you will have to buy it to find out more!!


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