Burnout Paradise – Xbox 360 – £17.99 Delivered

burnout paradise xbox 360Burnout Paradise is a great game and offers a new twist on the popular series. This is the first time the game has fallen below the £20 mark and offers good value for money.

The Burnout series for those unfamiliar involves you taking control of a vehicle and racing against others with the slight twist of having the option to ‘take down’ other vehicles by making them crash into other cars or various parts of landscape / scenery.

The concept on a whole is a fun one and taking out your opponents rewards you with a boost which can be used to gain a further lead in the race.

Burnout Paradise takes this concept one stage further by including the usual features of Burnout and also providing a more free to roam area in which you can drive and partake in various missions along your way in which progression is rewarded with new unlockable cars.
With additional features such as ‘slowdown’ where you can attempt to cause the most damage by slowing down time and crashing into other vehicles, along with the various hidden ramps / signboards you need to find around the city this game will take a long time to get the most out of it.

What also makes this a great game is the online play where you can race against others online and also attempt to gain the fastest times on various stretches of roads.

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