Call Of Duty: Black Ops Set For 9th November 2010 Release Date

Call Of Duty: Black Ops is set for a 9th November 2010 release date bringing the next installment of COD to the Xbox 360.

Looking every bit as good as WaW the trailer sets the scene and shows strong hints of a Vietnam scenario for the game. have broken down the trailer content further with some very well spotted hints on what to expect of the game when it is released:

As you can see there are some references to Cobra & Huey helicopters, Vietnam jungle, Steyr Aug, M60, MAC-V SOG soldier, Viet-cong and an SR-71 pilot in the video all designed to create hype and keep us guessing on what the game will hold.

Plus the presence of Twitter and Facebook on the main COD:BA site shows they are looking to push the game further with the cleaver use of social media.

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