Call of Juarez Xbox 360 – £4.99

call of juarez xbox 360Call of Juarez Bound In Blood on Xbox 360 – £4.99 Available from: Comet.

For less than £5 you cant go wrong and Call of Juarez is not a bad game either both in single player mode and in online multiplayer.

The majority of reviews for the game give it between 7-8/10.
The game has a rating of 77% on Metacritic and 79% on Game Rankings.

OXM Says:
Fast-paced and entertaining combat
Decent enemy AI
Gets off to a great start

Sorely misses a co-op mode
Brimming with clichés

Bound in Blood is like a Wild West theme park: corny, but at least there’s constant gun smoke and plenty of bad guys being put to rights. It’s not a must-buy by any stretch, but it is bearable.

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