Christmas console offers and deals

With Christmas fast approaching there is only a couple of weeks left until the big day, there is still enough time to get that last minute console offer. Rather than searching the internet and through this site for the best deals we have highlighted what we consider to be the best xbox 360 console offers currently available, for each version of the console. These will include bundled versions as they often represent the best value for money if you are looking for the cheapest xbox 360 then visit the main page of the site. If you are unsure which version to get then visit our comparison page.

Xbox 360 arcade
Amazon are selling the arcade at the cheapest price at the moment for £139.99 which is the same as Dixons, however the Amazon deal is a bundle and comes complete with an extra wireless controller and four additional games making this the best arcade offer currently available. The games you can choose from are also some of the current top titles and new releases.


Xbox 360 60gb premium/pro
Sainsburys are cheapest for the 60gb version of the 360 by about £15 at the moment making this stand alone 60gb console for £144.99 one of the best deals currently available if you are in the need of a hard drive over the arcade.


Xbox 360 elite
Whilst you can get an Elite  for £184.95 from Dixons, Amazon have the best deal as like the arcade version they are selling a bundle for £194.77. So for £10 more than the stand alone console you can get an additional wireless controller and four games which makes this much better value.


Overall the Elite represents the best value for money against the 3 highlighted offers, for an extra £50 or so you get a 120gb hard drive and full HDMi capabilities so if you are buying for a serious gamer this will be the one that they will want most. However if your budget will not stretch that far then the other xbox 360 offers on this page considered to be some of the best around at the moment.

Given some of the low prices around at the moment it is also unlikely that they will drop further any time soon.

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