COD Black Ops New Map Pack Announced

COD Black Ops New Map Pack – Escalation

Were not the first to announce this and certainly will not be the last. News came out today that the next Black Ops map pack will be released on 3rd May 2011 and will be called Escalation.

Details are very limited at the moment but expect five new levels which look to be 4 game levels and 1 zombie level.

Names have not yet been released and the only information available at this moment in time is via a posted leaked by Game Australia naming new scenarios as follows:
Seize the Zoo
Take the Hotel
Secure the Convoy
Raid the Stockpile and
Survive the Call of the Dead

The previous first strike map pack cost 1200 Microsoft Points so expect a similar price tag attached to the Escalation pack when it is released in just under a month.

More information here.

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