COD Modern Warfare 2 – £24.99 Delivered

modern warfare 2 coverThis is the second of the great game bargains being added to the site today.

This time it’s COD Modern Warfare 2 priced at just £24.99 delivered from The cheapest price this game has dropped to so far, and given its popularity it will not last long. One of my personal favourites for online play COD Modern Warfare 2 is well worth the £25 price tag.

Trust me, if you enjoy playing xbox 360 online and do not have this game yet (provided you are over the age limit) you need this in your life.

In a similar format to the last post, here is a typical review from Amazon of the game:

This is gaming at its absolute best. In HD is mind-blowing; the graphics incredible and the sound effects awesome. The maps are huge, vast and detailed and this game will (like its predecessor) provide months and months of top quality gaming.

After the wait, the hype and the queueing at midnight, I’m pleased to say it was all worth it. To anyone luckily enough not yet to have discovered the awesomeness of the COD games then buy in the knowledge you’re about to enter a new world of incredible game play; to those already familiar – why haven’t you bought this game yet ??

The “sad” thing about this game is that it blows away other “similar” titles, kinda spoils you, and sets a very high benchmark for future titles to attain.

Also here is a gameplay video of COD Modern Warfare 2 for those who have yet to experience the online play of the games:

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