Crackdown 2 £17.99 Delivered!

crackdown 2 xbox 360Crackdown 2 – £17.99

Crackdown 2 just £17.99 from here.

A great price for this sequel to what is a great game and something a little different from other titles on the Xbox 360.

Hunt for orbs through the city in this free roaming game with a difference. Each orb increases the characters ability and levels up the powers available meaning you can jump further, higher and throw items such as cars further.

There are also plenty of guns, gadgets and different car types available to keep this game interested and those who like to get achievment points will not be disappointed with a wide variety of challenges available to keep things going.

With a vast free roaming city availabe from the off and 4 Player Drop In/Out Seamless Co-Op and 16 Player Multiplayer even once you have got to grips with the game and completed the single player mode there is enough in this game to keep it going for a while.

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Crackdown Gameplay Video

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