Dance Central Review

dance central xbox 360

Dance Central Kinect Xbox 360

By Claire Willis

Average rating (out of 10): 8.0

Graphics – 7
The graphics on Dance Central are bright and colourful and I think the cartoon style works well with this type of game. The different dancers and locations look good although other games do have better graphics on the Xbox 360.

Audio – 9
The songs on this game are very good with plenty of choice to suit most people, you find yourself dancing along to songs even when it’s not your turn to play! The music is what this game is all about and I think that the game makers have made a good choice with the selection of songs. The Lady Gaga songs are my favourite.

Gameplay – 8
Dance Central is my favourite game on the Kinect. It helps you keep fit and my daughters both love playing it. There are different modes including a dance battle and the option to slow down each dance so that you can learn each part of the dance routine helps.

Controls – 8
I think this game really shows what the Kinect can do. Some of the moves are hard to perform especially if you are on a harder setting but the Kinect camera seems to pick up the way you move very well. The menu is controlled by moving your hand and swiping across the screen which can sometimes be difficult to do, this is my only issue with the game controls.

Replay Value – 8
We have played Dance Central as a family plenty of times since buying it and it is the most played Kinect game we have. It is a really good game to play when my daughters friends come round and they all enjoy completing with each other to see who can get the best scores. If you have a Kinect I can recommend getting this game.

Overall – 8

Kinect Dance Central on Xbox 360 is available to buy from Amazon.

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