Dead Island Review

dead island xbox 360 gameplay

Dead Island Xbox 360 Review

By Gareth Tranter

Average rating (out of 10): 8.6

Graphics – 9
The Dead Island graphics are stunning in places especially the lighting effects which are some of the best I have seen on X-box 360. Blood effects are very good, it accumulates on your weapon during use, sprays and runs along the floor. The various weather effects are also good however they seem to change based on location rather than on a rolling basis. I would suggest installing the game onto your X-box 360 hard drive to reduce loading times. The only reason this game does not get a 10 is that the framerate sometimes suffers.

Audio – 9
Background sound works well in the game and fits in very well with the scenary, with different noises depending on the location (city/jungle etc.). The weapon noise and accompanying sounds are also very nice.

Gameplay – 9
Having previously played Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead both of which I enjoyed I was looking for something on similar lines. Dead Island is a great game and easy to pick up and play when you feel like it.

Controls – 8
Nothing much to say about the controls other than they work well and prove no problem when playing either the solo player part of the game or when you take it online.

Replay Value – 8
Once you have worked through the solo player mode this game it’s worth playing online, especially to work through the co-op. I am not a massive fan of zombies and whilst it’s not really a horror game it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat at some points.

Overall – 8.6

Dead island on Xbox 360 is available to buy from Amazon.

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