Dead Rising Xbox 360 – £14.49 And Free Dawn Of The Dead DVD

Dead Rising is on offer from Softuk this weekend (Friday 5th September – Monday 8th) priced at just £14.49 with a free dawn of the dead DVD.

Dead Rising Features:

  • Huge environment expansive indoor and outdoor areas of the mall provide a variety of different locations to explore
  • Swarm technology allows an unprecedented amount of enemies on screen at once resulting in nonstop, pulse-pounding action
  • Intense gore and vibrant realism
  • Anything in the mall is at Frank’s disposal
  • Grab environmental objects like umbrellas and benches to use as improvised weapons
  • Snatch items from different stores to use as weapons including golf clubs, lawnmowers, fry pans and more
  • Chow down on various mall food to revive health
  • Real time system key events happen at certain times and if players are not mindful, important story elements and opportunities may be missed
  • Use Frank’s photojournalistic skills to capture the insanity on film
  • the better the shot, the better the reward will be

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