DJ Hero 2 with Turntable and DJ Hero 1 – £39.99

djhero2Anyone who has missed out on DJ Hero either the first installment or DJ Hero 2 really is missing out on a great fun to play game that in out opinion is some of the most fun you can have with your Xbox 360 with mates.

It’s just a great pick up and play type of game and this offer from Game that includes the recently released DJ Hero 2 and turntable also comes with the original DJ Hero all for £39.99 delivered.

To put that in perspective the likes of Amazon are selling the turntable on it’s own for £39.99 without the games so this really is a bargain.

Click here for the offer (direct link)

What’s it like?

If you are a fan of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games then you really should give this a go as it is very similar and pretty easy to learn. Before you know it you will be mixing the likes of Rihanna with the Marvin Gaye or Calvin Harris with New Order.

Will it keep me entertained?

With the ability to crossfade, scratch and sample over 70 tracks in DJ Hero 2 alone not to mention the similar amount with DJ Hero 1 and the mass of download content you can get from Xbox Live this will keep you going for a good while.

If your the type of person who enjoys mastering a game then the expert mode is a real challenge and trying to 5 star all of them would take some doing!

If you find a better deal or in fact any deal that you feel should be on then please do get in touch by adding a comment below.  Or visit our xbox 360 forum and add the offer there.

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