F.E.A.R Xbox 360 – £14.93 Delivered

Fear xbox 360 – £14.93 Delivered

fear xbox 360

The Hut are currently offering F.E.A.R for a very cheap £14.93 delivered.

If your a FPS (first person shooter) fan and you don’t already have this game in your collection there no need to think twice about buying it at this price.

A game that many believe rivals highly rated games such as Half Life it’s no slouch on the action from and with fantastic visuals and gameplay this is a must purchase.


You are an elite soldiers trained to deal with unusual situations others can’t even imagine. Called in to confront a murderous force with paranormal abilities, you must contain a crisis spiraling quickly out of control. Discover the true meaning of F.E.A.R. in this unique fusion of stylized FPS combat and supernatural suspense.

– Stunning visual effects for an intense “action movie” experience.
– Unpredictable encounters with combat adaptable A.I.
– Frenetic multiplayer support for up to 16 players.
– Instant Action Mode – New Arcade-style mode filled with close-quarters battles tracking player progress via Xbox Live leaderboards.

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