Fifa 08 Down To Just £7.99 With Free Delivery

Ok, so yes the new Fifa 09 is already out and likely to be top of the charts for the next couple of weeks but Fifa 08 is still a really decent game and for those looking to pick it up on the cheap then now is the time as currently have this in the classics range for just £7.99 with free delivery.

If your happy to wait for the price of Fifa 09 to come down a little first then this is the perfect solution as the games are pretty similar with Fifa 09 only having a few added extra’s which to be honest you can live without.  Ok so the names in the teams may be a little out of date but you could always bring your favourite team in line with the current line up by doind a few transfers here and there or try playing manager mode where you have the ability to manage your team and select the players you want to play.

Overall £7.99 is a decent price for a decent footy game which upto the release of the new addition was in the 10 top xbox 360 chart for a long time and it’s easy to see why.

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