Fifa 11 Review Xbox 360

fifa 11 xbox 360

Fifa 2011 Review

By Guest Reviewer

Average rating (out of 10): 9.4

Graphics – 10
Fifa 11 has the best graphics of any football game on the Xbox 360 yet. During normal gameplay the graphics look very close to the real thing and every little detail has been thought about. The cut scenes when players score and close ups when the ball goes out of play are also very impressive which is why I think this game deserves a 10.

Audio – 9
Crowd and ball noise are very good in this game and the added bonus of music between games really gives the game a good feel about it. What makes it the best game is the commentary, this is why I have given Fifa 11 a 9 out of 10. The commentary does get a little repetitive if you play the game a lot like I do otherwise it would be a 10. If anyone really wants to get into the game there is also the feature to add your own crowd chants to make it more realistic, and assign them to individual teams if wanted.

Gameplay – 10
I loved Fifa 10 when it came out and Fifa 11 improves on this game even more. The normal gameplay is really good, movement is fluid and you really get into the game, so much so it feels like a real football match. I also like playing be a pro mode which lets me control just one player and try to make him the best in his position. My friends also love playing the ultimate team mode where you can buy and trade virtual playing cards to make your ultimate team and play online with this team against others.

Controls – 9
The controls are very good in this game and really easy to pick up and understand. The extra controls such as skill moves, crosses and learning how to link passes together to get past the defence take some practice but make you a much better player in the long run.

Replay Value – 9
I play Fifa 11 all the time and I am really looking forward to Fifa 12 when it is released. You can pick it up and play a quick game or spend hours at a time working through a season with your favourite team, for that reason it gets a 9 out of 10.

Overall – 9.4


By Aidan Hilton-Wright

Recently I have been playing FIFA 11,it is a funfilled game with great features EG,
Audio, Graphics, Gameplay, Controls and Value/Re-play value…


The graphics are excellent, the players look very real considering they are virtual, the only downside is that the players sometimes run through eachother.


There are multiple types of gameplay on FIFA 11, IE, Ultimate team, Manager mode, Xbox live head to head and Pro clubs… Which all are excellent.


The controls are pretty easy for a football game compared to PES 11…
They are so easy I got used to them in about 5 minutes, which is not a lot of time !!


The audio is quite good, I usually do not have my television volume quite high as I have the audio setting on full blast!!

Value/Re-play value

It is defenantly worth playing over and over again, especially Ultimate team…
you can improve on your team so you have a team like:
GK Cassilas RB Ramos CB Vidic CB Pique LB Evra RM Ronaldo CM Xavi CM Kaka
LM Messi ST Rooney ST David Villa or even better !!!

My favourite thing is Ultimate team as you might have guessed !! I love it so I personally reccomend it to anyone although FIFA 12 is out soon you can buy it pretty cheap and you can change the teams to whatever suits you best !!

So again I would reccomend it to anyone !!

Overall – 9.0

Thanks for reading !!

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