Fifa 11 Xbox 360 £24.99

fifa 11•Game: Fifa 11
•Price: £24.99

Without a doubt one of the best football games released yet. There will be those in the PES camp that say their game is the best and on the other side the Fifa fan boys will give as good with reasons why Fifa 11 is the best football game. Each to their own at the end of the day as each game has it’s advantages and style of play suits some better than others.

What can be said however is that both PES 2011 and Fifa 11 are both improvements on an already fantastic series of games and with the free additon of Fifa 11 Ultimate Team, Fifa 11 for £24.99 is a great price and well worth getting if you have held out so far, or perhaps you purchased Pro Evo 11 to start with and wonder what all the fuss is about.
Grab this deal before it ends!

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