Fight Night Champion Xbox 360 – £18.99

fight night champion xbox 360

Xbox 360 Fight Night Champion

Deal of the day at, Fight Night Champion is on sale priced just £18.99.

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Release date 04/03/2011.

Fight Night Champion is a sports game that has the lot. It looks absolutely stunning and is packed to the brim with features and gameplay modes that will appeal to all kinds of fight fans. However, one area that might initially raise a few eyebrows among followers of the franchise is the new control system.

Gone is the Total Punch Control system of previous Fight Nights, which was based on rotations of the right analogue stick. In its place is a simpler to use system called Full Spectrum Punch Control, which sees you flicking the stick to perform punches.

Even slight variations in how you direct the stick are well reflected on-screen, allowing you to strike at multiple angles as you look to counter your opponent’s defence, and overall the punching is faster and more fluid than ever before. It’s certainly a more user friendly system, but some Fight Night loyalists will probably miss the old one, as the sensation of commanding a blow with your thumb using precise stick rotations arguably felt more rewarding.

Dodging works just as it always did, and it feels great when you manage to lean or duck out of the way of a big strike using a left trigger and stick combo, but blocking punches has been simplified too. It’s now semi-automated, so you only need to hold down the right trigger for your boxer to guard against incoming blows. That’s not to say it works as a fist-proof shield, however, because some combination punches do find a way through your guard.

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