Flatout – Ultimate Carnage – Xbox 360 – £12.99 Delivered

FlatOut – Ultimate Carnage Xbox 360 – £12.99 Delivered

flatout ultimate carnage xbox 360

Gameplay are currently offering Flatout Ultimate Carnage for only £12.99 delivered.  Burnout meets Destruction Derby in this great racing game, you can either choose to win the race or cause as much carnage along the way its up to you.  This is a gerat price for a great game and one which is as much fun on your own as it is with your mates or on xbox live.


Take destruction to a new level of bone breaking carnage with FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, exclusively on Xbox 360 system. Maximum fun, maximum chaos, and all in eyeball searing high definition. Takes the trademark mayhem of FlatOut and FlatOut 2 and lifts it to a whole new level of bone breaking carnage. With three distinct game styles, an integrated championship racing career mode and intense in-your-face destructive action, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is the gaming world’s most smash-tastic driving game to date.

Buy Now for only £12.99 Delivered

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