discount code givaway have released a purpose built site called The Lucky Gamer where you can request a new discount code everyday to use on their site and have a chance of winning some great prizes.

Whats more is that some codes will unlock a range of prizes from Xbox 360 consoles to games and accessories, for some lucky people Christmas is going to come early!

Click here to get your code.

Once you have redeemed your first code you will also have the option to invite friend and family to join in the fun, and if they are lucky enough to win a prize then you will win the same prize.

Codes that don’t win prizes can be used to get discount at game with vouchers ranging as follows:
£1.00 off a £20 spend
£2.00 off a £25 spend
£3.00 off a £30 spend
£5.00 off a £35 spend
£10 off a £50 spend
£20 off a £100 spend

A £1.00 off a £20 spend seems like the most common code being received which to a certain extent can be expected, but it’s still a saving and better than nothing.

Either way you could win a prize or at least get a discount off a future purchase at

The competition for the prizes ends on 25th December 2010 so plenty of time to have a go. If you win anything why not let us know below.

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