Game Group In Administration

Whilst many are already aware that Game Group (Game and Gamestation) are in administration there are still many questions appearing both online and comments from users of this site on where they stand when purchasing new products from the retailers and previously purchased items.

The Telegraph published a useful article last week on what consumers rights are given the group are in administration which answers most of the questions being asked at this moment in time.

What the future holds is not yet known and if anyone wants to ask any further questions relating to the issue then please comment below and we will try and find the answer for you.

Given the position the chain is in we would advise our users to consider alternative online retailers so that your rights are not affected should you wish to return products in the near future. It is always best to search online and use site’s like our own to find the best deals and offers anyway so please bear that in mind when making your next purchase. We are not saying don’t consider Game or Gamestation for your next purchase but please use the above article to make yourself fully aware of the facts.

If you have found this page following an internal link on this site the reason is that we have provided this information for our users so that they are fully aware of the situation. You can still of course visit

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