Xbox 360 Gaming Chairs Guide

Gaming Chairs 

If you already have or are soon to have an Xbox 360 and want that ultimate gaming experience you really need to get yourself a gaming chair.  Specially designed to support you in the right places, perfect for those all night gaming sessions, gaming chairs are growing in popularity and are fast becoming an additional piece of furniture in many a gamers living room / bedroom or if your really lucky gaming room.

The great thing about certain gaming chairs is that they can also be used as a normal piece of furniture as explained below.

Different types of gaming chairs:

Gaming chairs can be split into two different types, the purpose built gaming chair such as the pyramat or rocker design and the multi purpose beanbag type, each having their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

While the purpose built gaming chairs are perfect for that all round experience and often include additional features such as built in speakers and subwoofers they are less flexible at blending in as a piece of furniture, if you have the space/room for one however you will not be disappointed as the additional sound will push your gaming experience to the next level.

The other alternative is to buy a gamingbag or normal beanbag as these can be used everyday and make a perfect replacement for a one seater sofa or chair.  Although they lack in additional sound they make up in comfort and practicality.  Whatever you choose you won’t look back.

Selection of gaming chairs:

We have selected a few choice gaming chairs to help you decide which is best for you:
pyramat gamebag
Pyramat Gamebag
Perfect cross between a gaming chair and a beanbag, the Pyramat Gamebag comes with all the feautures of a gaming chair such as integrated speakers, storage pockets and subwoofer but is also perfect for a beanbag when not being used with your 360.

Leather Gaming Recliner
leather gaming reclinerFor those looking for a gaming chair wihout the additional features, perfect as part of the furniture the Leather Gaming Recliner from Beanbagbazaar is ideal.
Made from easy to clean leather, this designer beanbag with nine panel recaro seat design will keep you comfy or hours.

pyramat sound rockerPyramat S200 Sound Rocker
The Pyramat S200 Sound Rocker needs no introduction to those familiar wth gaming chairs. Pyramat set the level for gaming chairs an continue to produce the best designs currently available on the market. As they refine and introduce new models it previous models become available at very reasonable prices. Packed with all the features you need the Pyramat sound rocker is the gaming chair for serious gamers.

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