Half Life 2 The Orange Box – £11.74 Delivered

It’s not often such a decent game comes available a such a good price. It’s even better when that game is Half Life 2 The Orange Box as not only do you get three decent games you also get two expansions all for the price of £11.74. Now that must be a bargain in anyone’s eyes?

Granted some of the content may be a little dated but for playativity it’s really worth a purchase. Half Life 2 really is a great game and Portal just adds even more to this bundle.

    What’s included:

Half life 2: Fantastic game and a great way to start the whole Half Life story off.
Half life 2 Episode one: Continuing from the original story as Freeman and Vance attempt to escape city 17.
Half life 2 Episode two – Add more to the previous storyline.
Portal – Great puzzle game unlike anything else.
Team fortress 2 – Good fun multiplayer game.


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