Halo Reach Xbox 360 Review

halo reach xbox 360

Halo Reach Review Xbox 360

By Adam Mamoun

The Xbox 360 game I am doing a review of is one of the popular games done by Bungie and that is Halo Reach.

Graphics – 10
They really did the graphics well for this as the planet Reach looks amazing. During the game whether it’s Campaign, Matchmaking, Forge or Firefight they capture brilliant detail.

Audio – 10
The Audio is amazing to feels like an immense Halo experience and sound heard in the background are amazing as well has how you hear it.

Gameplay – 10
Now onto gameplay;
This story sets a complete new crew so Masterchief aside for now you play Noble Six in a team to battle the alien race the Covenant. You may get set with either an Assault Rifle or DMR to shoot the enemies of the Noble Team.
You may also be lucky to drive vehicles like the Falcon helicopter to the quad bike called the Mongoose.

It’s a fun experience and when you completed it and if you have XBOX Live you can go head to head online where 1 kill gets you 1 point for your team and the team who has 50 or more kills is the winner you can either Jet Pack your way through, protect yourself from grenades and bullets or even sprint which is fun you will never get bored.
There is a feature on Halo Reach called Forge which allows you to create ramps in several of the Halo maps.

The next feature is Firefight where you can choose a gun, choose your difficulty and fight the Covenant. The final feature is Custom Game and like it says in the title creating your own game with various Halo maps. The varieties of custom games you can create are completely endless

Controls – 9
The controls on the XBOX controller if you played shooter games like Modern Warfare 2 or Red Dead Redemption its very similar to jump its the famous A button, to shoot its right trigger, to sprint use jetpack or Armour lock its RB and last but not least. To move around it’s the left analog stick.

Replay Value
The value is just right for this amazing experience defiantly gets it if you played the Halo titles like Halo 3 + Halo 3 ODST. Different team same experience. Overall I would give Halo Reach 5 stars because it was defiantly my game for 2010 beating Call of Duty: Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare which are pretty good but not as good as this

Overall – 9.8/10

Halo Reach on Xbox 360 is available to buy from Amazon.

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