Happy 4th Birthday Xbox 360!

Slightly belated we noticed following another article on the internet that the xbox 360 has recently celebrated its 4th birthday!partyhat

The xbox 360 was launched in the UK (Europe) on 2nd December 2005 making it just over 4 years old now and hasn’t time flown since then.

With so many great titles and advances the xbox 360 has had a great 4 years even if reliability and the dreaded RROD have marred things slightly. Things have moved on in those 4 years and with new chipsets the reliability issues have reduced.

Some of the original launch titles are still worth playing for those who are late comers to the console, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo Elements of Power, Condemned and Project Gotham Racing 3 were the main so called launch titles and both PDZ and PGR3 are still worth playing if you have yet to do so.

Other things that we have seen include:
A new and improved dashboard
Avatars similar to the Wii
Social networking on the 360 with Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm
New versions such as the Super Elite to compete with rivals and user demand
Exclusive titles such as Halo and Forza

Overall the 360 has had some ups and downs over its 4 years to date, with future developments such as Project NATAL due sometime in 2010 things are really looking up for the Xbox 360.

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