How to change your Xbox 360 faceplate

Plenty of people like to add a custom faceplate to their xbox 360 to give it that unique look. You have the option of buying a pre designed version from one of the many online retailers or looking around for a custom version. If you are really creative then you may want to add your own design to a plain faceplate.

To change your xbox 360 faceplate follow the step by step guide below:

  1. Remove the original faceplate first by turning off the 360 and making sure the disk tray is closed and any memory cards have been removed.
  2. Now find the release slot (withe the xbox 360 in the upright position it will be on the bottom).
  3. Gently pull on the release slot and ease the faceplate so that it unclips, this will take off the old faceplate.
  4. Take the new faceplate.
  5. Line up the faceplate to the console and push it onto the console until it clips into place.
  6. Finished (was you expecting more…!)

Why not experiment with skins and add another unique touch to your console.

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