Kinect Power Supply Is Included With Package – Confirmed

kinectWith the release of Xbox Kinect due in just over a week here in the UK there is a lot of interest in the product and confusion on what is included with the Kinect bundle in terms of a power supply / power source.

Those with new slim versions of the Xbox 360 connect Kinect via a special port on the back of the console but anyone with an older none slim console such as the Elite, Arcade, Premium (20GB, 60GB) will not have the required port on the rear of their console.

Some sites are claiming that an additional power supply is required to run Kinect and that it is not included with the pack, this is incorrect information.

We have received a number of queries and emails about this issue and have received the following from Xbox Customer Support to confirm the situation:

Thank you for contacting Xbox Support.

To answer your question, there is no other accessory required to use the Kinect sensor with an original Xbox 360 console.

The Kinect sensor stand alone package , includes the following:
. Kinect USB/Power cable
. WiFi Extension cable (if using the Xbox Wireless Networking Adapter)
NOTE – The Kinect sensor must be connected to the back USB port of the Original Xbox 360 console using the Kinect USB/Power cable.

NOTE – If you have an original Xbox 360 console with no hard drive, you should also attach a storage device with at least 256 MB free space. You can use an Xbox 360 Hard Drive, Xbox 360 Memory Unit, or a USB flash drive.

Connecting the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter
If you’re using an Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter that’s already connected to the back USB port, you’ll need to disconnect its USB cable and reconnect it to a front USB port using the WiFi extension cable provided with the Kinect sensor.

If anyone has any further questions related to Kinect then feel free to add a comment below and we will do our best to address them.

For more information see our Kinect guide.

    4 thoughts on “Kinect Power Supply Is Included With Package – Confirmed

    1. The confusion comes from the fact that the Xbox 360 kinect bundles DO NOT include the power cables that you would need if you wanted to use the kinect on your old xbox 360 somewhere else in your house.

      That is the problem.

      Everyone KNOWS that the kinect stand-alone sensor comes with the cables.

    2. That is correct, but the confusion means that many people think they will need to buy additional cables etc. if they have an older version of the Xbox 360, as you say this is not the case.

      Kinect sold on its own is compatable with any console new or old as it has the extra cable required see here: (stand alone – extra cable included)

      For those buying a new slim console bundle with Kinect they will be unable to play this with an older version of the console so if they wish to take it to friends, use in a different room this will not be possible without buying additional cables/power packs: (bundle – no extra cable)

      Apologies if the original article did not make this clear.

      I can understand why MS would not include the extra power cable with the bundle as it is a cost issue and those with just the slim console will have no use for the extra cable but it still leaves those with two different consoles wanting to run Kinect on both with little option but to buy everything separately, or get the required cable and pay extra.

    3. The will be charging $40 for the additional adapter. You are actually doing yourself a disservice by purchasing the 4gbslim/kinect bundle. You don’t get the headset or the HD component cables and if you have multiple xboxs, which most do… you will have to shell out another 40+. I think that is rather unfair.

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