Kinect Sports Review

kinect sports review

Kinect Sports Xbox 360 Review

By Paula Jenkins

Average rating (out of 10): 9.0

I play a lot of Kinect Sports with my son who is obsessed with the Kinect since we got it for him as a birthday present. His favourite game by far is Kinect Sports, closely followed by Kinect Adventures.

Graphics – 8
The graphics on Kinect Sports look very good. The characters are cartoon like and the different locations for the sports all look very nice. I think the graphics fit in really well with the game and are like the graphics on the Wii but better.

Audio – 8
The background noise when playing the game is also very good. You can hear the crowd when playing athletics and when you score a goal playing football different songs are played. I also like the sound over voice in the game who I think is Peter Dixon the person that does the voice over for the X-Factor.

Gameplay – 9
We have played Kinect Sports a lot since buying the Kinect and the game plays very well. There are plenty of games to choose from including Football, Volleyball, Bowling & Boxing but our favourite is the athletics especially the Javelin. It is really good that you can play without controllers and I am amazed at how well the Kinect picks up your movement from the little camera inside.

Controls – 10
The Kinect is amazing at what it can do and like I said the camera picks up your movements when playing very well. It is really easy to move between the different menu screens by holding you hand over the item you want to select.

Replay Value – 10
We have played Kinect Sports a lot since getting the Kinect and we have had our money’s worth out of the game. We still play it now a lot even after 6 months or so of getting the Kinect. My son’s friends love to play Kinect Sports when they come round so it really is a good game.

Overall – 9.0

Kinect Sports on Xbox 360 is available to buy from Amazon.

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