MW2 Resurgence Map Pack Details

Only a short time ago now on the 30th March 2010 the Stimulus MW2 Map Pack was released. In a move considered by some as another attempt to cash in on the popularity of MW2, Activision will release the next installment of maps called Resurgence as revealed by Robert Bowling on Major Nelsons recent Podcast.


The Resurgence map pack will include the following bundle of maps which much like its predecessor Stimulus includes three new maps and two re worked versions of maps already seen in the first Modern Warfare.

The new levels are called Trailer Park which is a small and condensed maze type map, Carnival which will be based on an abandoned amusement park and Fuel which is another sniper friendly map this time set in an oil refinery.

The two levels set to make a comeback from the previous MW are Vacant and Strike.

With the price rumoured to be the same as the Stimulus pack being 1200 Microsoft points (around £10.20) the maps are far from cheap but given the popularity of the previous map packs I’m sure there will be a similar uptake and after all they help keep the game fresh and increase the playability.

Resurgence is due for release on Xbox Live on June 3rd obviously for Xbox 360. Playstation owners will have to wait a little longer with no official date yet announced, another good reason to stick with the Xbox 360!

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