Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Review

need for speed hot pursuit xbox 360

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Xbox 360 Review

By Matthew Lambourne

The Xbox 360 game I am doing is one of the popular game by EA (electronic arts) which is need for speed hot pursuit.

Graphics – 7

The graphics are amazing. That is even on campaign and as well as online and defiantly capture brilliant detail.

Audio – 8
The audio is amazing especially when you go through tunnels. You can hear the real sound of cars. And the sound in the background is… well you can’t say its that good.

Gameplay – 8.5
Now onto game play.
The action takes place in the fictitious coastal country of Seacrest, where petrol-head nut jobs are engaged in turbo-charged battle with the traffic cops. Through a series of unlockable events and challenges, players swap between the two sides, earning points and unveiling shiny new vehicles as they go e.g. Porsche, Astin martin, Lamborghini and the worlds fastest car the Bugatti veyron 16:4. – including against-the clock time trials, duels against single enemies and the mouthwatering preview sessions where you get to try out scorching hot exotics like the McLaren F1 and Pagani Zonda Roadster before you’re able to unlock them for real.

Controls – 9
The controls are basically the same as any other racing game such as RT is to move forward, LT is to reverse, and to finish of the basics the Left anolog is to steer the car to the left or to the right.

Replay Value – 9
The value is just right for this amazing game also if you have played some of the other games like NFS Most wanted + NFS under ground 2 + more. Overall I would give NFS a 5 star rating because it was my best game for 2010 beating all the rest of the racing games such as F1 2010 which are all right but not as good as NFS hot pursuit.

Overall – 8.3

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on Xbox 360 is available to buy from Amazon.

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