New Xbox 360 Name Possibly….

Just found via twitter some gossip about the possible name for the next Xbox 360.

An update on a website of Microsoft programmer Ryan Geiss who is currently working on some next gen console projects indicated that the new version of the 360 may be called the Xbox 360+ or 360plus. The quote on the site was as follows:

I can finally disclose that I’m one of the core developers of the human-tracking algorithms for Project Natal (click for more info), bringing full-body motion control to the Xbox 360+.

(notice the +).
xbox 360 plus

This has since been replaced and the ‘+’ removed so it may have just been a typo, I suppose time will tell. Either way if it is a sign of the new name then I like it as it’s fairly simple and in keeping with the current 360 brand.

Watch this space for more news as we become aware of it and feel free to comment below if you here anything.

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