Race Driver Grid – Now Just £9.99

Race Driver Grid

Grid is well worth purchasing and is a great pick up and play game for those who like an arcade feel to their race titles.

With a varied selection of cars and tracks the game does have some value and at the current price of £9.99 from Play it is worth spending ten pounds of your hard earned cash on.

With car makes such as Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and Pagani Race Driver Grid is not short of well known vehicles not to mention the diverse track selection which depends on the type of event you are racing in, from drift racing at night to mountain roads for rally type events.

This game really has it all and with added car destruction the game goes further than some other similar games in the same genre.

Codemasters have take the feel of Dirt and added a wider variety of cars and track type to make a well polished game which although does not have the realism of the likes of Forza, little additions such as the ability to rewind in game play when mistakes are made gives Grid something unique that other games do not have.

The career mode is also well worth a go, where you have the option to create your own team, hire drivers and change car branding with sponsors. The AI is well thought out and the career ladder does mean that you have to put some effort in on the later stages in order to win races and progress through the game.

Overall a decent 9/10 for Race Driver Grid and at this price one not to be missed.

race driver grid

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