Red Dead Redemption Review

red dead redemption review

Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360

By Guest Reviewer

Average rating (out of 10): 8.4

Graphics – 9
The graphics on Red Dead are very good and it has a very nice western feel to the game. The cut scenes are well designed and various characters that you come across while working though the game each look well made.

The scenery itself and depth of graphics are also very impressive and during game play the  game does not appear to suffer with any drop in frame rate.

Audio – 9
Although the game does not have much in the way of soundtrack to talk about it does make up for this with the sound effects that are experienced during game play and with the quality of dialogue especially with the cut scenes in the game.

Gameplay – 8
I’m not a big fan of westerns and have to admit it took some time before I gave Red Dead a chance, although now that I have I am glad that I did. The game plays very well if a little slow in parts and the on-line mode works well, Rockstar have made a good attempt at trying to turn the Grand theft Auto style play into another genre and it works well.

The only thing I would say is that due to the vast size of the map and the fact that it is fairly open I did find myself taking a short cut and using the option to set up a camp fire and transport myself to another area on the map all too often, rather than travelling around the map on my own accord.

Controls – 7
The control are the only thing that let this game down. They are not bad in a way that stops you playing the game, but they could be better. Riding around on your horse is a little difficult and takes some getting used to, as does the shooting controls even with the auto lock on activated.

Replay Value – 9
The on-line play is great to pick up and spend half an hour on and the single player mode of the game is good for at least 15 hours of game play, if you want to complete the side missions and mini games you could easily add another 10 hours to that total.

For those reasons and with the ability to add the undead nightmares download content the game has a very good replay value.

Overall – 8.4

Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360 is available to buy from Amazon.

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