Sega Rally Xbox 360 £17.99 delivered

Sega Rally is just £17.99 delivered from at the moment.

If you are old enough to remember the original version of Sega Rally you will remember that this was one of the greatest arcade games ever made which is why it became such a classic.  Well now Sega Rally has returned to the next gen consoles bringing back that rally feel to a game like never before.

Sega Rally will encourage players to put the pedal to the metal and enjoy thrilling head-to-head racing. Skilled driving will go hand-in-hand with pure luck as you hurtle around looping tracks in a wide selection of 4WD, 2WD & Classic vehicles that react quite differently depending upon the racing surface. Sega Rally offers a vast variety of fully deformable environments and surfaces, from littered gravel tracks, all weather tarmac roads, to snow driven trails – no two laps let alone a race will ever be the same!

Player’s rallying skills will be tested to the limit as aside from the sleek motors on offer, Sega Rally also offers players an advanced AI that takes into account the racing surface to adapt their driving style to suit. Single player and multiplayer split screen, along with online capabilities will offer race fans an unbelievably competitive and first class driving experience.

Sega Rally for the Xbox 360 only £17.99 delivered – Buy Now

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