Timeshift Xbox 360 Weekly Special Offer £14.99 Delivered

timeshift 360Judging by the demo this is a great game and well worth the £14.99 price tag on offer from Shopto.net.

Timeshift description
Based in the near future, TimeShift tells the story of renowned test pilot Colonel Michael Swift, who has been asked by the US Government to test two of the most significant inventions of the century – a time-control device called the Quantum Suit and a time machine called the Chronomicon. During the experiment Swift is briefly sent back in time to 1911 to plant an experimental probe. Upon his return to the present, the world has changed beyond all recognition, and his knowledge of this timeshift has made him an enemy of the state. Swift is now both on the run and on a mission to set time straight once again.
Slow, stop, and reverse the flow of time while you remain totally unaffected

Manipulate time and eliminate enemies through 11 missions and over 30 levels

Select from 10 incredibly detailed, unique weapons, each with standard and alternate fire

Compete against up to 16 players online using time as a weapon

Explore the Steampunk inspired Krone Era and become immersed in an alternate reality of metal, gears, and plasma energy


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