Top 10 MW2 Kill Cams

Great MW2 Kills

Something a little bit different to the usual offers. I am currently addicted to COD MW2 and play it online whenever I get chance. Being bored I decided to have a look around the interest and Youtube for some great killcam videos.

Here is what I consider to be a good collection of top 10 kill cam videos for Modern Warfare 2. If you know of or have anything worth adding get in touch or add a link to the comments section below to the video. The below have been chosen based on amusement more than skill although I have tried to add a good mix of different kill types.

1. Throwing knife across map

I know everyone with an interest in MW2 has already seen this video but for me its one of the best fluke knife throwing kills I have seen. Granted no real skill is involved but who needs skill with a kill cam like this!

2. Great semtex on the face kill cam

This is a great semtex kill on final kill cam, straight on the face, nice shot even if a little lucky. Love it!

3. 9 kills – 1 rocket

Great start to a game on Estate. 9 kills with 1 rocket, although its more of a lucky shot than anything its still a great video.

4. Laptop of death kill cam

Didn’t even know it was possible to melee with a laptop, is this possible on the 360? I’m going to try this later and see.

5..50 Triple kill through a tree

Another nice triple kill first blood, this time with a .50, the only downfall of this kill is they were using thermal sight. Still a nice snipe shot nether the less.

6. Care package kill cam fail

More of a fail than anything but I thought it was funny anyway. This guy was busy climbing up a ladder on Rust when someones care package fell on him, quality.

7. Triple kill first blood

This is a great first blood triple kill I found on youtube on the Skidrow map.

8. Noobtube game winning kill

I really hate noobtubers in MW2, no skill involved at all and really annoying when thats all some people do in the game. However this is still a great game winning kill cam from distance on wasteland.

9. Right on the kneecap

More of a strange kill cam than anything, somehow this guy gets killed from being hit on the kneecap with a grenade launcher. Funny…

10. Knifetastic ricochet kill

Whats funny about this knife throwing kill is that the guy misses and aims too far to the left the knife hits a wall ricochet’s off and gets a kill. Simple’s….

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