Turtle Beach X11 – £38.00 Delivered

turtle-beach-x11The Turtle Beach X11 gaming headset is on offer at Amazon priced at £38.00 delivered.

This is a great headset for the Xbox 360 and PC gaming, we have this particular headset at 360bargains.co.uk and vouch for the quality and home much it improves gameplay especially online over and above the standard Xbox 360 headset.

Click here for this offer (direct link)

If your wallet stetches to around the £80 mark then you could get the wireless X31’s. Our xbox 360 gaming headset guide contains more information.

Ability to control the volume of Xbox Live chat and game volume independantly
Built in amplifier boosts game audio – which allows you to hear the game better i.e. when playing Call Of Duty footsteps are clearer giving you an advantage.
Bass boost adds realism
Mic monitoring lets you hear what you are saying
Eliminates Mic feedback caused by game sounds
Works with XBOX, PC & MAC
A single USB connection provides power – no AC adapters or betteries necessary
Works great as a headset if you need to play quietly at night or share a room with others when playing.

If you do happen to come across a better deal or in fact any deal that you feel we should feature on the site then please do get in touch by adding a comment below.  Or why not visit our xbox 360 forum.

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